Best Happy New Year 2020 Wishes for WhatsApp

Best Happy New Year 2020 Wishes, Facebook status messages and WhatsApp Status

On Happy New Year 2020, we are all celebrating this day with our family, our friends, our life partners, our lovers. You may know that this is the festival that is widely celebrated around the world by all types of people. It does not matter whether a person is Christian, Hindu, Buddha, Jain. We all celebrate this day with a lot of joy and enthusiasm. New Year January 1st is considered the first day of the year according to the Gregorian calendar, and this is the widely used calendar. We have the best Happy New Year 2020 Wishes collections. Check Our Happy New year wishes 2020 Collections.

Happy New year 2020 Images

Happy New year 2020 Images

Best Happy New Year 2020 wishes Facebook status / WhatsApp

On this particular day, people want to kiss each other, sending greetings and messages. You see people enjoy on this day because people know this day as a new stage in their own lives. For that, they make resolutions. They promise to start something new, to do bad things, to leave their bad habits, and so on. In the new year to come, etc. You will give up some of your bad habits and start doing something new and useful that you hope to do. The new year 2020 is coming, and you should wish your loved ones the best new year to make their new year a happy new year. Here we have listed some of the best Happy New Year 2020 wishes WhatsApp status, images, wishes, messages and videos. You can select the best status, SMS or video to send to friends, family, colleagues, relatives and. You should meet your closed ones on this special day and send them greetings via WhatsApp. You can set your WhatsApp image as a wish for Happy New Year 2020. So let’s start the New Year with Happy New Year wishes 2020 WhatsApp status, then we will see the pictures, wishes, messages and the videos of the new year WhatsApp.

Happy New Year 2020 images

Happy New Year Wishes 2020 WhatsApp Status

All know that WhatsApp and is the most used platform to send wishes and news to anyone. That’s why you also need to set your WhatsApp status as a New Year wish so that everyone in your contact list can see your best wishes for this special day. You can choose any New Year status for WhatsApp from the list below. These are the best statuses of WhatsApp New Year. You can check here Best Happy New Year wishes 2020 for Facebook and WhatsApp.This Happy New Year Wishes 2020 Collection is Unique.


  1. This time to forget the past and begins a new start. “Happy New Year”
  2. It’s for another year. May your dreams come true, and God pours out love and care for you.
  3. We want your new year to be the best in your life. Happy New Year!
  4. May God be compassionate with you this New Year!
  5. May you reach the top of success and the height of glory! Happy New Year!
  6. Welcome the new year with new hope and have a great year.
  7. May our union of happy hearts never grow old! Happy new year 2020.
  8. Best wishes for the New Year 2020
  9. The new year begins in a snowstorm of white dreams.
  10. Do not forget the past; learn about it — happy new year 2020.
  11. A lot can happen in a year.
  12. Life always gives us a second chance, and it’s called New Year.
  13. A New Year’s resolution is that goes in one year and on the other.
  14. Every year, life gives us three hundred sixty-five days to find the meaning of our life.
  15. Go ahead, take a resolution. It’s not as complicated as pregnancy.
  16. It will be my year.
  17. Keep calm and happy new year 2018.
  18. The year is yours. What will you do with it?
  19. I wish peace and love to everyone! #Happy new year 2020
  20. This new year, a fresh start and a way forward!
  21. I wish you a happy new year 2010!
  22. May this year the blessings of God be with you.
  23. It’s the beginning of everything you want.
  24. May this new year 2020 bring all the crazy and fun colours in your life.
  25. Try to find what you want in life Happy New Year 2020.
  26. “Yesterday night is a memory; today is a gift; tomorrow day is hope. Good luck!
  27. Congratulations to the new year. May this memorable.
  28. You affect the world by what you navigate. Happy New Year!
  29. Happy New Year 2020 let the stress begin.
  30. Just play. Enjoy. Enjoy the game
    Happy New Year 2020 Images

    Happy New Year 2020 Images

It is the best Happy New Year 2020 Wishes status for WhatsApp. Keep these lines as New Year’s status and start having fun. You can choose any of them. You can also change your status many times in one day. Now the WhatsApp has updated, and you can view your status in 2 different ways. One status will disappear within 12 hours, and another will be there until you change it. Many people are also looking for WhatsApp New Year status in Hindi. So, for them, here are some better status in Hindi:

Happy New Year 2020 Wishes and Happy New Year 2020 WhatsApp Status

  1. December leaves the way as if you will never remember it from tomorrow.
  2. Whatever dreams you have in your eyes and all the desires hidden in your heart, let this new year come true, here are our best wishes for you.
  3. Bhawren will sway until the flowers bloom. I will continue to wish you every new year.
  4. The year is changing, but not with the affection remains. we wish you a new year 2020
  5. This is not a love page, not an SMS … I wish you a happy New Year 2020
  6. The fish is called fish in English .. we miss you a lot .. do not make us wish a happy new year
  7. The year that has passed forget … embrace this new year. Pray us to bow before God … May all the dreams of this year be realized.
  8. Thousands of blessings … innumerable blessings … of innumerable love .. happy new year with unfulfilled wishes and happiness.
  9. May the New Year bring you a lot of happiness, and you’re always smiling.
  10. Not with the edge of the sword. Now, a bunch of bullets … I wish in advance … to my dear friend with love.
  11. Always keep away from the shadows of sorrow, never be confronted by solitaries; every dream answers in every dream; such is your blessing from the depths of your heart.
  12. All the smiles on the floor are simple, no matter the heart, Tammana is always apart! It’s a question of happiness, happiness in life, and there is a lot of happiness in life!
  13. Love for all in everyone’s heart; Every day brings a festival of happiness, come with the hope that we will forget all the sorrow, we all welcome the New Year 2020. Happy New Year.
  14. Come every year, go every year, this year, you get all the wishes of your heart.
    Happy New year 2020 Images

    Happy New year 2020 Images

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